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Position   Name Email Address Chapter
District Director
  Brother Michael Pittman ancadd24@gmail.com Kappa Lambda
Assistant District Director
  Brother Isaiah L. Funderburk isaiahfunderburk99@gmail.com Beta Epsilon
Immediate Past District Director
  Brother Tejuan Manners bro.manners06@gmail.com Phi Lambda
Executive Director
  Brother Kanton T. Reynolds ktreynolds06@gmail.com Phi Lambda
  Brother Korwind Z. Stokes kzstokes@ymail.com Epsilon Chi Lambda
  Brother Anthony Enoch anthony.enoch@gmail.com Gamma Kappa Lambda
  Brother Robert Pompey pompeyr@gmail.com Kappa Lambda
Financial Secretary
  Brother Keith L. Hudson hud4spr81@gmail.com Rho Alpha Lambda
Political Action Chair
  Brother Marcus Bass marcusrbass@gmail.com Phi Lambda
Convention Chairman
  Brother Kelvin C. Turnage ktown2be@gmail.com Epsilon Sigma  Lambda
Legal Counsel
  Brother Terrell N. Nicholson tnichlaw@gmail.com Epsilon Sigma  Lambda
Area 1 Director
  Brother Chad Tucker chad1906@gmail.com Zeta Eta Lambda
Area 1 Assistant Director
  Brother Jordan Stephens jordanstephens42@yahoo.com Omicron Beta.
Area 2 Director
  Brother Paul Brown paul.brown90@aol.com Epsilon Rho Lambda
Area 2 Assistant Director
  Brother Will Lopez will.lopez1007@gmail.com Phi Gamma
Area 3 Director
  Brother Eric Heath eeheath06@gmail.com Beta Theta Lambda
Area 3 Assistant Director
  Brother Jaden Peay
Gamma Beta
Area 4 Director
  Brother Ed Zimmerman ezimmermansr@gmail.com Kappa Lambda
Area 4 Assistant Director
  Brother Malik Guy mjguy2@uncg.edu Pi Zeta
Area 5 Director
  Brother Luico Holland luico.holland@area5anca.org Eta Mu Lambda
Area 5 Assistant Director
  Brother Darius Ferguson
Phi Delta
President – Council of Presidents
  Brother Thomas Turner tturner06@yahoo.com Beta Nu Lambda
Senior Advisor to the DD
  Brother Carl Pickney capind1999@yahoo.com Beta Theta Lambda
Legal Adviser to the DD
  Brother Jerry Blakemore j_blakem@uncg.edu Kappa Lambda
Communications Director
  Brother Allan Younger ayounger1906@gmail.com Alpha Pi Lambda
AlphaMX Trainer
Rufus Credle
  Brother Rufus Credle rcredle1906@gmail.com Phi Lambda
College Life to Corporate Life Chair
  Leshaun Jenkins leshawnjkenkins@gmail.com Epsilon Sigma Lambda